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“Test Drive” Your Startup

Picture this – you wake up one morning and decide you need a new car.  You go to the first car dealership you can find, see a “shiny” car you want and with no questions asked and no research done, you buy it on the spot.  The sales person hands you the keys and you roll your new vehicle off the lot, only to find out that you hate how the car performs and immediately regret your decision.  In all your excitement, you are out thousands of dollars for a car you don’t want.  Why?  Simply because you never took it for a test drive.  Sounds crazy, right?  No one would ever do that.  However, when it comes to startups, many entrepreneurs make this same kind of mistake every day.

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Build a Great Team and Success Will Follow

It’s often said that investors invest in people not products.  The management team carries a lot of weight when startups are looking for early stage investments, but often entrepreneurs spend all their time and resources focused on building a great product with little focus on building a great team.  I’m a strong believer in the power of a great team.  If you put together a small, committed, positive team that believes in itself, it can do anything.  When it comes to building successful startups, I believe entrepreneurs should focus on building great teams first — a great product and great company will follow.

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