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“Winter is Coming” – Will Your Startup Survive?

Huge early stage investment announcements seem to be a daily event.  Tech startups with little to no traction / revenue are receiving unbelievable seed and VC investments with valuations that most in the industry can’t comprehend.  But as Eric Ries highlights in his most recent article entitled “Winter is Coming“, these days of “summer” are going to come to an end.  Entrepreneurs – consider yourselves warned!  Investments in new tech startups are going to dry up, and “easy” seed funding isn’t going to be so easy to obtain.  So how can new tech startups prepare to survive for the cold “winter” ahead?  Here’s my advice…

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Is the Lean Startup Model Killing Product Innovation?

“Build it and they will come”….that’s what a lot of us techies were taught in school and used to believe. I thought that the cooler the design, the more elegant the technology, the bigger the “wow” factor, the more successful a product would become.  Not so.  The tech startup world has a lot of great inventions, fabulous technology, and amazing high-tech products that never lived up to their hype.  Times are changing, and the lean startup movement  is revolutionizing the way tech startups conceptualize, launch and grow their businesses.  Early stage customer development, market validation, and traction are the new keys to success and early stage investments…but wait!  How does innovation play into this new strategy?  Is there any value in technical product innovation any more?

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