The Life Balancing Act – 6 Ways to Keep Your Priorities in Focus

“Who is writing you now?” my 6 year old asks me as I pull out my BlackBerry in the middle of our game of catch on the weekend.  “You’re always on that thing!” — and that’s when I know I’ve crossed the line, again

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What I Didn’t Learn in School

My dad once told me that engineering schools are designed to graduate good employees, not employers.  I didn’t quite understand what he meant at the time, but I get it now.  I value the education I received (all 20 years of it!), as it has allowed me to pursue a career in technology; however, I also now recognize its shortcomings in terms of teaching many ot the basic business skills.  School taught me to be a good employee – not how to start and successfully run my own company.  The education system is failing would-be entrepreneurs and this has to change.

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Keep Your Friends Close, and Your Competitors Closer

Over the last few months, I have gained some interesting insights into how to deal with competitors.  Until now, I’ve always seen them as the “enemy” — faceless companies that we are in battle with everyday. However, recently my company has made a conscience  effort to reach out to many of our competitors in a positive, open, and non-threatening way.  The response has been surprising and insightful.

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Top 5 Ways to Select Your Next Product Idea

When you have a highly innovative design team like we do at Quark, coming up with good ideas is never a problem, deciding on which ones to pursue and in what order can be!

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Learning to play the (tech startup) game

When I started my first tech company four years ago, I really had no idea what to expect.  I’d always had the dream of owning my own company and had spent my career working in R&D environments and loved solving difficult engineering problems and inventing new concepts and products.  With this foundation, and with a solid team of other amazing engineers, I figured we were poised to build an exciting R&D business.  What I didn’t recognize was all the things I was NEVER taught in school.

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