About the Author

My name is Tim Burke – I’m an engineer by trade, inventor by nature, and entrepreneur by practice.  I got hooked on the tech startup game five years ago haven’t been the same since (my wife will attest to that).  This blog is a place for me to share the ups and downs and lessons learned as I gain insight into how this game is played and won.

Since 2007, my business partner (Stephen Hankinson) and I have launched four companies including 26ones Inc. (formerly Quark Engineering and Development – the intellectual property development engine), Skillz Systems (a novel hockey gaming platform), Impetus Innovations (a medtech company) and Tether (a smartphone app that provides users access to the Internet on their laptops through their smartphone data plans).

We have developed a unique business model that allows us to spin-off new technologies quickly and leverage our internal resources and external partners over and over again with every subsequent launch.  This lets us learn quickly from our mistakes and get better at the tech startup “game” with every spin-off.  I’m a big disciple of Lean Startup, a common theme in many of my posts.

My goal is to develop a portfolio of successful tech companies based on cutting edge technologies right here in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, while attracting the best technical talent to our region.

To make this happen, I’m looking to network with mentors, starters, innovators, and investors – if you are interested, please contact me.

Follow me on Twitter (@t1mburke) or connect with me on LinkedIn.  Thanks!


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